Downtown Locker Room


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Even with limited experience, we’ve found TIE Kinetix software to be very easy to use.

Tim Savers
Director of IT
Downtown Locker Room
Downtown Locker Room

The Challenges

Downtown Locker Room was seeking a more effective means for communicating electronically with the company’s vendors. It was imperative that DTLR improve visibility into shipping from vendors and be able to cut down the errors associated with erroneous codes. The company also understood that, by improving electronic communication, they could effectively speed merchandise to the warehouse and storefront. This would reduce inventory costs and increase sales. DTLR evaluated several systems and managed services for EDI and eventually chose TIE Kinetix, the solution recommended by Epicor. It was essential that the EDI system be easily integrated with Epicor CRS, the company’s merchandising solution, and with that integration be able to deliver proven performance.

The Solution

TIE Kinetix software provides a complete solution for sending and receiving EDI, XML, and non-formatted messages over multiple communication protocols, including value-added network services (VANS) and the Internet. It also features the tools that are necessary to effectively manage enterprise data transformation based on specific application integration requirements. TIE Kinetix addresses fundamental integration requirements and simplifies data mapping, allowing maps to be tailored to individual need regardless of format, source and destination, or complexity of business rules.

With the implementation of TIE Kinetix software, Downtown Locker Room is able to share purchase orders electronically with vendors and receive advanced ship notices in return. This gives the company substantially higher visibility into vendor shipping, which they can anticipate and process with far more accuracy. 

TIE Kinetix enables DTLR to manage their EDI messaging in-house using their current staff. Some managed services vendors, according to the company, claimed that Downtown Locker Room would need to hire an EDI specialist at $90,000 per year in order to manage their EDI processes in-house. TIE Kinetix allows the company to use managed services strategically, for vendor implementations, and still manage their EDI processes in-house at a substantially lower cost.

EDI messaging is second nature to us now and the system runs automatically. The system was installed and our staff was trained in just a few days.

Tim Savers
Director of IT - Downtown Locker Room
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