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Enable E-Invoicing with Suppliers

Your journey to 100% digitalization becomes a true success when all suppliers submit their documents in a way that meets your specified standards and requirements. Through TIE Kinetix’s FLOW Partner Automation platform, suppliers can submit their documents in any way they please—from manual entry to full automation. We can provide additional services to help your organization with supplier onboarding to save you time.

Thanks to standard support and integration with all ERP and accounting systems, plus the onboarding service we provide, TIE Kinetix is a trusted partner for 100% digital supply chain automation.

100% Automated Online Onboarding Services

100% Automated Online Onboarding Services

The FLOW e-invoicing platform enables our customers with the capabilities to onboard their suppliers and partners automatically online.

With the capabilities of the FLOW onboarding platform, we can provide our customers with an additional onboarding services package to run 100% fully automated campaigns to onboard their partners. The platform will run fully automated campaigns to target your suppliers and onboard them to your platform to make your 100% digital supply chain journey a success!

Interested in learning more on how we can enable you to automatically onboard all your suppliers to your FLOW platform? Contact us today!

Follow-Up by Onboarding Team

Follow-up by Onboarding Team

We can provide additional services where we follow-up actively to connect every supplier to the FLOW platform. We know that customer and supplier needs vary, therefore we take the necessary steps to make the onboarding project a success to convince your partners to make the step towards FLOW.

Dedicated TIE Kinetix contacts with (local) knowledge of the processes and requirements help onboard your partner and/or suppliers quickly and efficiently. We help your organization from start to finish to successfully onboard your suppliers and partners to your new FLOW platform environment.

We have extensive experience with onboarding projects and practices. We make sure that all suppliers have helpful communication materials available throughout the process to get educated on the benefits for both parties involved.

Contact us to learn more how we can help you onboard all of your suppliers to the FLOW platform with a follow-up approach.

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