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The implementation process was painless. Now, I don’t have to be concerned about managing employees internally running our EDI process.

Charlie Kiely
MIS Manager

The Challenges

In order to create a consistent strategy for business-to-business applications and procedures, Epicor recommended Ashcroft to look into possibilities of an EDI Managed Services On-Demand.
In order to create a consistent strategy for business-to-business applications and procedures, Ashcroft began looking for a solution that would support a new standardization effort. In moving from a mainframe environment to a new EDI based system of communicating with their business partners and trading relationships, TIE Kinetix strategic partner Epicor recommended EDI Managed Services On-Demand for a number of reasons including elimination of manual handling of data and web portals, helping to avoid human errors and reentry. Furthermore, to reduce costs because it uses less labor, paper, and time to complete transactions. Overall, it shortens cash cycle & improve cash flow.
Previously running Sterling Gentran, Ashcroft decided to make the move to TIE Kinetix EDI Managed Service On-Demand in early 2010. The TIE Kinetix team worked to set up a streamlined implementation, providing Ashcroft with a fully automated process for backend transactions with their whole trading partner community.

The Solution

Since introducing TIE Kinetix EDI Managed Service On-Demand, Ashcroft has reallocated staff and resources away from labor-intensive adjustment of their EDI system, driving down oversight and associated costs. Says Charlie Kiely, MIS Manager for Ashcroft, “The implementation process was painless. Now, I don’t have to be concerned about managing employees internally running our EDI process. Managing time, verifying time, that’s all gone away, which is a positive for us. TIE Kinetix is handling everything EDI related now, and that puts us at ease.”

TIE Kinetix’ solution scalability provides Ashcroft and all TIE Kinetix customers with the management of critical transactional data 24/7, always ensuring your business is running around the clock by TIE Kinetix’ team of professional experts. EDI Managed Services On-Demand builds on the power of TIE Kinetix’ eVision solution by eliminating the day-to-day management of transaction processing. TIE Kinetix manages, maintains, and optimizes the integration to the back office along with all maps and workflows while making certain that information is accurately and securely transacted among supply chain partners.
Since 1987 TIE Kinetix has been providing the highest level of customer support. This is supported by a customer satisfaction rate of 99.1% with all integration, support and development teams based in St. Paul Minnesota, USA. TIE Kinetix’ support team has a ‘zerovoicemail’ policy. Any support requests are addressed immediately. Says Kiely, “It’s a comforting feeling that everything is being handled behind the scenes and there’s never an issue. There is a feeling of transparency there and that’s what you’d expect from a managed service provider. The relationship with TIE Kinetix has been extremely positive as far as I’m concerned.”

Managing time, verifying time, that’s all gone away, which is a positive for us. TIE Kinetix is handling everything EDI related now, and that puts us at ease.

Charlie Kiely
MIS Manager - Ashcroft
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