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We had a very good experience with TIE Kinetix’ training. The class was very well run and it sent us off with exactly what we needed.

Stacy Smith
Applications Manager
Simmons Foods
Simmons Foods

The Challenges

Running on Oracle since 1998, Simmons Foods was customizing its transactional E-Commerce processes with its customers, with all EDI being hand keyed in by employees, rather than using a translational engine to exchange its data. Around 2002 many of their major trading partners were making additional compliancy and E-Commerce demands, specifically with the AS2 communication protocol. 
The Simmons Foods IT department looked for a license based EDI solution that was affordable, provided dependable support, and was built on a customized interface that easily allowed for management of daily EDI responsibilities.

The Solution

Simmons Foods started using TIE Kinetix’ SpediTran in 2002, eventually utilizing TIE Kinetix’ Integrator and eventually TIE Kinetix’ flagship EDI software, eVision. Utilizing both on and offsite training sessions gave the Simmon’s EDI team the best possible return on their purchase. 
By choosing eVision as their EDI/XML translation engine, Simmons Foods receives the greatest collaboration possible between trading partners with increased efficiency, and reduced costs. TIE Kinetix Integration solutions simplify data sharing by removing the restrictions–exchange data in any format with a fully automated and integrated system. eVision’s ability to provide a customized output for each trading partner, affordable cost and dependable support fully met Simmons Foods expectations. 
Simmons found eVision’s powerful translation engine and thoughtful design allowed the customized interface they required. Additionally with TIE Kinetix’ St. Paul, MN based support department, Simmons received the premier EDI solution needed for the management of their daily EDI Responsibilities. 

eVision is one of the lowest cost systems we have in our company. It has a very high dependability factor along with the affordable cost. Additionally, we could not ask for anything more than the customer service we receive from TIE Kinetix.

Stacy Smith
Applications Manager - Simmons Foods
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