Jan Sundelin

Jan Sundelin, CEO, TIE Kinetix

Jan Sundelin

Chief Executive Officer

Jan brings over 15 years of executive management to TIE Kinetix. 

Most recently, he served as CEO and president of TallyGenicom EMEA, where he was responsible for more than €170 mln revenue. He helped the organization return to profitability by rationalizing operations and restructuring their sales channels, and was responsible for sales and marketing in more than 60 countries.

Previously, Jan served as senior vice president of strategic planning and global sales and marketing for Minolta-QMS Mobile, a company he joined in 1989 as a sales manager and later served as EMEA president. During his tenure as senior vice president of global sales and marketing, Jan was Management Board instrumental in increasing worldwide sales from €250 mln to €300 mln. Jan Sundelin is not a member of the Supervisory Board of another listed Company.

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